Park Dental Care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Committed to your safety

In response to the national emergency we are living though, our government’s Chief Dental Officer has instructed dental practices not to provide face-to-face treatments for patients. Even in emergencies. This is new and replaced previous advice. It is his view that the risk to public safety outweighs the individual benefit gained by receiving treatment. This intervention is unprecedented, so that no national or local contingencies have been made.

We are working hard to assist all our clients under these difficult circumstances. We are committed to our client’s safety and wellbeing and are giving advice and treatment by way of prescriptions remotely. We are able to discuss your symptoms, review photographic and video communications and send you materials, medicines and oral hygiene aids.

We will be at the practice, taking calls; 0115 9101 447

Or, send an SMS text message or WhatsApp request to: 07936 361 402

Tim and the clinical team are dedicated to getting you comfortable and keeping you safe. Whilst it is deeply frustrating not to be providing the High-Tec and compassionate care we were trained for in person, we remain committed to your health and comfort and will be here to treat you as soon as government restrictions allow. We will be busy taking your calls and messages and uploading as much advice as we can over the next days. We are also making a list of priority clients to call, whose urgent needs we wish to meet as soon as we are allowed to. Please contact us if you need help.