Tooth Reshaping


Park dental have been performing highly successful teeth reshaping procedures in Nottingham for a number of years. Recontouring, bonding and adding veneers are three quick, straightforward ways to improve the appearance of your teeth. We may suggest a combination of these methods to help you get the look you want, fast.


Tooth recontouring is a quick, straightforward way to improve the appearance of individual teeth. It can be useful to sort out minor problems like chipped or worn teeth, overlapping teeth or irregular shapes, and is often used in combination with bonding or veneers to give a more symmetrical look. First, we’ll take x-rays to make sure there’s enough enamel on the tooth to reshape it. Then we’ll use gentle sanding techniques to smooth out imperfections and create a neater shape. It’s completely painless and we should be able to give you the results you want after just one session.


In dental bonding, a thin layer of tooth-coloured resin is bonded to the surface of the tooth to improve its appearance – basically a simpler, more affordable version of a veneer or crown. It can be used to fill small gaps between teeth, change the shape of teeth, repair cracks or chips or cover up discoloured teeth. There are plenty of advantages – it’s painless, it gives immediate results, and providing none of the enamel is removed, it’s reversible.

While it’s virtually permanent, bonding isn’t quite as robust as a veneer or crown and can’t be used to cover major damage. As with any other treatment, we’ll examine your teeth to see whether it could be an appropriate solution for you.


Porcelain veneers last longer than bonding and also reflect the light better, giving a more natural look. They’re ideal for correcting oddly shaped or spaced, small or uneven teeth. It’s a complex process, demanding high levels of precision and technical expertise. We’ll guide you through every stage and keep you involved in the design process so you can choose the final results you’d like. We can even show you what veneers will look like using resin. Once you’re completely happy, a new porcelain layer will be securely fixed to your tooth.