Hidden Braces

Park Dental have been successfully providing Hidden braces in Nottingham for many years. These are hidden on the back of your teeth and are the most discrete brace of all- they are totally invisible from the front. They’re made using the very latest computer technology and are one of the most sophisticated options on the market. If wearing braces would make you self conscious or work in the public eye, these braces could be perfect for you. Unless you share the secret, no one need know you’re having treatment.


Incognito is a well-known and trusted brand producing highly sophisticated hidden braces. They’re suitable for people of all ages, comfortable to wear and give incredibly precise, reliable results. Each brace is custom made using computer-aided design and manufacturing processes, so they’re 100% tailored to your teeth.

There are other benefits over more conventional braces, too. Because the brackets are fitted to the inside of your teeth, there’s no risk of the teeth become discoloured where brackets have been attached. The contoured brackets have a very low profile, so they’re less likely to get in the way of your speech – after a very short time you’ll be able to speak and eat normally. As the brackets are made from a gold alloy, it’s good news if you have a nickel allergy.

Incognito Lite

Incognito Lite carries all the benefits of the original Incognito system, but uses fewer brackets to straighten just the front six or eight teeth – the ones that show when you smile. It’s proved very successful and won a prestigious international design award in 2012.