What is Invisalign

alignerWe have been using Invisalign clear braces in Nottingham now for over 10 years. Worldwide they have now been used by over 2.5 million people. They’re a popular choice for several reasons – the main one being that they’re virtually unnoticeable.

Invisalign braces can help treat a variety of problems including crooked, crowded or unevenly spaced teeth. They’re made from clear, custom-moulded plastic, can be removed and replaced, and are light and comfortable to wear.

Many of our customers have always wanted straighter teeth, but been put off by the thought that wearing braces could make them feel less confident at work or in their social life. That’s perfectly understandable and, as experienced Invisalign practitioners, we love helping people achieve the smile they never thought they’d have.

How it works

The system works with a series of clear plastic ‘aligners’ – clear plastic braces moulded to fit your mouth perfectly. The aligners gradually move your teeth into their new, straighter position, with gentle improvement from the very first day. You’ll switch to a new aligner every two weeks until the treatment is over.

Taking care of your teeth and braces

Our customers like Invisalign braces as they’re so comfortable. There’e no metal or sharp edges to irritate your gums or the sides of your mouth, and no risk of allergies. They’re also removable, which is great for cleaning and is a bonus if you’re uncomfortable about wearing braces in certain situations.


‘You're never too old to have the smile you've always wanted’