Night-time braces


Often people worry about how they’ll fit using braces into their busy lives, and Aerodentis night-time braces could be the answer. Developed over three decades of medical research,  it’s a technically advanced system that works while you sleep. It’s suitable for all ages and gives you complete freedom from wearing braces during the day.

How it works

The Aerodentis system is based on the same principles as any other brace – it applies gentle pressure to gradually move teeth into a new, straighter position. The advantage here is that we control the amount of pressure digitally, meaning it’s extremely precise.

The braceaerodentis_product_1

The brace itself is a custom-made plastic mould that fits comfortably over your teeth. It also features a built-in inflatable silicon balloon, which pulsates to exert a gentle pressure.

The Control Consoleaerodentis_product_2

You also get an easy-to-use control console, which contains the electronics, air pump system and pressure sensor. This measures and controls the electronic pulsations.

If it all sounds a bit high-tech, don’t worry. It’s simpler when you see it in person and we’ll explain it all fully. It also comes with a smart card that lets us monitor your progress, so you can’t really go wrong.